Rabbi Shmuel was born and raised in Englewood, NJ. He studied for 6 years in Oholei Torah Talmudic Seminary in Brooklyn, NY. He received his Rabbinical degree by the renowned Rabbi D. Schochet, Chief Rabbi of the Chabad community of Toronto, as well as Rabbi D. Schmukler from the Kollel Menachem in LA.  

Didi Konikov was born and raised in Brooklyn, NY. She went to school in Bais Rivkah and began teaching, and directing camps and youth programs right after graduating. 

Growing up, Rabbi Shmuel and Didi were each involved in their own community outreach worldwide. For the past 8 years, the Konikovs assisted in leading the Jewish community in Daytona Beach, Fl. through teaching, mentoring, and directing programs for adults and youth.  

The Konikovs are joined by their 8 adorable children. Mendel, Levi, Yossi, Shua, Batsheva, Eli  Tzvi & Dovi.

The Konikovs moved to Englewood in summer of 2018 establishing themselves permanently, the Konikovs have undertaken to create a center open to every Jew in the area. Satisfying the hearts and minds of every individual on their level, with a wide array of programs, activities, classes and programs for all ages, but with a specific focus on the next generation of youth.